Running your vehicle, working on hobbies or making car repairs could result in fumes within your garage. Adding ventilation can increase your safety without making any compromises to the security of your home.

Three Ways to Improve Ventilation in Your Garage

During the daytime, a great deal of heat can build up within your garage. If the garage is attached to your home, this heat can overwork your central air conditioning system. Car repairs, hobbies and warming up the car’s engine can release fumes. Consider improving the ventilation in your garage through a professional garage door repair in San Luis Obispo and the addition of ventilation equipment.


Consider a garage door that has windows that can be opened. Opening the windows of the garage door and along the garage walls facilitates airflow. If one of the windows in your garage door is cracked or broken, be sure to have it repaired so that you do not get an injury when opening or closing it.

Air Conditioning

A window air conditioner could help to boost the ventilation in your home’s garage. You can turn on this air conditioner while you are working on hobbies or making car repairs. The air conditioning unit will both cool the air in the garage and ventilate fumes from the air. For the best results, keep your garage door closed while the air conditioning unit is running. If your garage door has any cracks or will not close all the way, have it repaired so that it forms a tight seal with the door’s framing and floor.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are another efficient way to ventilate your garage. The fans move air, creating a sort of wind chill effect on your skin. They also help to push particles such as sawdust out of the garage and can dispense fumes from hobbies and vehicle repairs. The fans can be operated in conjunction with an air conditioning unit or opening the windows. When you are not using the garage, be sure to shut off the fans.