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What You Need to Know About Vinyl Garage Doors

Curb appeal is one of the most important things for a homeowner to pay attention to. Not only do people want to come home to a great looking home, but they also want to maintain or increase the property value. All that begins with choosing the right garage door. Currently, one of the most popular options includes vinyl garage doors. They provide a plethora of benefits, but it’s definitely worth understanding more about this type of door before any investments are made.

Advantages of Vinyl Garage Doors

If there is one thing that tends to convince people to purchase vinyl doors, it is usually its incredible durability. Garage doors that are made from this material are manufactured to prevent warping and splintering, making them a great alternative to wooden garage doors. In addition, the light weight of the vinyl material produces less strain on the garage opener and the rest of the components that lift your door. If you are replacing your door, it is important to consult with a company that can provide a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo before installing a vinyl door.

Types of Weather Vinyl Can Handle

One of the most common concerns homeowners have about any type of door is if it can handle the weather within their location. In terms of vinyl, you can feel confident that it will be an excellent choice within almost any type of climate. This is because the material is often moisture, pest, and rustproof.

Disadvantages to Keep in Mind

If you’ve been eyeing this type of door, you may be in for a pleasant surprise in terms of its disadvantages. There are only a small handful of negatives to a vinyl door. One of these includes the options you have in terms of painting it. Vinyl simply cannot hold onto dark colors. They will easily fade and thus may be difficult if you attempt to compliment a dark painted home.