Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Your garage has a very specific purpose in housing your car and belongings. You want to ensure you choose the right garage doors as a result. Certain types of wood are excellent choices.

Quality Types of Popular Wood Doors for the Garage

Wood doors are the most popular types for your garage. If you are building a new structure or changing the look of an existing structure and want to go with wood, you need to know the different types available. These offer curbside appeal and durability at the same time.


If you are concerned about the price of your new doors, you may want to choose plywood. It is the most basic type of wooden garage doors as well as the cheapest. Plywood is fairly thin, which means it should probably be equipped with an extra layer on the outside to improve door sturdiness and its overall appearance. In some cases, plywood doors may also be insulated with foam.

Cedar Wood Doors

Cedar doors are a great option due to their overall durability. They are also highly resistant to moisture and insects, which means they are built to last. If you go with this type of wood, you probably won’t need frequent San Luis Obispo garage service. You can choose from red or white hues with these wood doors or have them stained depending on your color preference.


If you are looking for the topmost quality wood doors for your garage, then look no further than redwood. They are made with multiple layers of wood to prevent warping during extreme heat and cold and can easily withstand the elements. You can also choose to have them stained or paint them to your liking.

Mahogany Wood Doors

Mahogany is a stunning choice of wood doors. They are durable and add curbside appeal at the same time. You can add a finish to them to add a glossy sheen. They are often available in natural red colors and are resistant to moisture and insects like cedar.

If you are looking to add new wood doors to your garage or are building from scratch, you have plenty of options. These types of wood are among the favorites.