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Three Ways to Add Storage to a Newly Built Garage

When you get a new garage in San Luis Obispo, you might want to use the space to store and organize other things besides your car, minivan, sport-utility vehicle or motorcycle. Many people use their garages for lawn equipment, bicycles, big toys, seasonal items and more. Consider having the contractors include these three storage options to your newly built garage.


Many people fix things while in their garages. If you are a woodworker, or you tinker with electronics, have a workshop with a workbench, upper and lower cabinets, and a sink built into your garage. These could fit along the back wall or a side wall and the back wall. Be sure to include pegboard for hanging tools. The cabinets should have a variety of drawer options and pulls that are easy to use.

Overhead Storage

If you have a truck or sport-utility vehicle, you might need some additional overhead space. Building a taller garage also allows you to add vertical storage space. The overhead storage could be used for seasonal decorations such as artificial trees, inflatable yard decor and other lightweight but bulky items. They also work well for vehicle luggage racks, tents, canoes, skis, snowboards, surfboards and lightweight but bulky sports equipment.

Coat Cubbies

Many families enter and exit their homes through the garage. If your household includes pets or kids, coat cubbies built into the garage along the wall near the door to the home could come in handy. Each person could have his or her own storage cubbie. The cubbies could accommodate wet shoes, backpacks, coats, hats, sunglasses, dog leashes and other items that you routinely take with you when you leave the house. Consider adding a charging station for electronic devices.