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Smart Door Technology Features You Need for Your Garage Door

Today’s garage doors have much more capability than systems in the past that were only able to go up and down on command. Smart door technology allows a homeowner to connect his or her garage to the Internet of Things. Being connected to the IoT allows you to quickly determine whether the door was left up inadvertently on your way to work. What other features have the IoT and smart tech given to doors that are being installed on new garages in San Luis Obispo?

Keyless Entry Systems

This feature makes it easy for you to control the people who can gain access to your home. You can opt to use your cell phone as a garage door opener, or you can set a numeric code from your phone that friends and neighbors can use to open the door from a keypad. This can be a nice feature if you have a repair worker coming over, but you cannot be home all day waiting for their visit.

Integrated Lighting

Smart door technology may include an integrated security lighting system to provide you with a bit of safety and peace of mind. You can easily enable the lights from your mobile device. You can also set a timer, or you can choose to set lights to be activated by motion. You can even sync them with interior lights when you are out of town to deter any potential criminals.

Smart Door Technology for Monitoring

Monitoring kits are a smart add-on feature for your garage since they can give you valuable footage in the event that a lowlife decides to vandalize your property. No matter where you are, you will have 24/7 visibility of your home via your cellphone or tablet. These security cameras can alert you when a package has been delivered, so you can ensure that it is not taken.