Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Steps To Take When Garage Door Install Is Faulty

When you have obtained a garage door installation, it’s possible for the installation to have been completed improperly, which means that the door could be misaligned or may not open and close like it should. It’s important that you try to identify the problem with the door as quickly as possible so that you can have the door repaired, which will allow you to use it without issue.

Identify What You Think the Problem Is

The most common problems that occur when a garage door has been installed incorrectly include opening and closing issues. The door may become jammed when you attempt to open or close it. It’s also possible that the opener wasn’t installed correctly, which could cause the door to not move at all when you click the opener remote. Before you call a repair company to come over and look at the door, make sure that there are batteries in the remote for your opener.

Contact a Reputable Repair or Installation Company

Once you have identified the problem, contact a repair or installation company that has a good reputation and is known for providing high quality installs. You may want to avoid using the same company that provided the original install due to the fact that the shoddy work may be a characteristic of the business.

Avoid Attempting to Use the Garage Door

While you are waiting for the repair or installation company to arrive, it’s essential that you avoid using the garage door, which is true even if you think that the issue is a small one. If the door was not installed correctly, it could stop working altogether while you’re driving under it or could become even more damaged to the point where you would need to purchase a new door. If the door has become stuck in the open position, don’t try to close it yourself as doing so can be very dangerous.