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How to Choose New Garage Materials That Offer Fire Protection

When you are planning to construct a new garage in San Luis Obispo, you will have a lot of choices to make. When considering the materials for your customized garage, you may want to keep their level of fire protection in mind. These tips will help you select a new garage door and other materials that offer enhanced fire protection.

Install a Firewall

Have the garage builders install a firewall. In most communities, this is required for attached garages. Even if your garage will be detached, it is a good idea to consider using firewalls in its construction. The firewalls are designed to prevent the spread of flames outside of the structure.

Choose a Fire-rated Door

In California, state law requires that a door between the house and the garage be fire-rated for at least 20 minutes. If a fire broke out in your attached garage, the door would prevent the spread of flame into your home, giving you time to evacuate. The doors are pre-hung, which makes them heavy. They are best installed by professionals, and some manufacturers require that the doors get installed by factory-trained and certified technicians. The fire-rated doors are available in either wood or steel. Your garage building team can direct you to these options.

Doors for Your Vehicles

You should also choose fire-rated vehicle doors. Most of these doors are constructed from steel. They roll up and out of the way. In addition to being fire-rated, they also work well for unusually sized vehicle door openings. For example, if you will have a custom garage built for your recreational vehicle or semi-truck, a rolling steel door easily accommodates the unusual size or configuration for the opening. These doors come with features such as time-delayed release and UL or FM labels for certification of their fire rating.