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Why You Need a Backup Battery for Your Garage Door

Does your garage door need a backup battery? In a short answer: yes. If you reside in an area that experiences a lot of power outages, this is especially true. But there’s more to the issue than that. The article will discuss why having a backup for your garage door is a good idea.

Why You Need a Backup Battery

California has dealt with a lot of brushfires and forest fires. Unfortunately, some residents died because they couldn’t manually open their garage doors. Climate change has also led to a lower amount of rainfall and hotter temperatures. As a result, trees and vegetation can easily catch on fire.

You should definitely have a backup to your garage door if you can only enter your garage through a garage door. You will often see this type of garage in luxury condominiums and other types of apartments.

How to Balance Your Garage Door

Your garage door spring system acts as a counterbalance to the weight of your garage door. As a result, your garage door only weighs, at the most, 8 to 10 pounds. This low weight makes it a lot easier to open.

To see if your garage door is properly balanced, disengage your home garage door by pulling down on your release handle for emergencies. Use the handle on the bottom of your door to lift it. Did you have trouble picking it up? If so, this means your door isn’t as balanced as it should be. Call your experts in garage door repair San Luis Obispo when you find yourself in this situation.

Check the balance of your garage door every few months. You should check the balance more often if you use your garage door more than five times a day.

How Backup Batteries Work

Door opener batteries act like many other types of rechargeable batteries. A garage door repair technician will install the battery by the motor. The battery should hold enough power to operate the door at least two dozen times. When the battery dies, it can be recharged in a few hours. The safety reserve system also gets powered by your backup battery. This even happens when the power goes out.