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How to Stop Rain From Flowing Under Your Garage Door

About every 10 to 20 years, you will need a new garage door installation. Over time, the floor of the garage may settle unevenly. If your garage floor has a slope or has settled, it is important to have the installation team keep this in mind. The slope could allow rain to seep into your garage. Use these tips to stop the rain from flowing under the door and getting into the garage.

Door and Floor Seals

Your garage door technician can install floor and door seals. This is a fast, simple and low-cost way to prevent rainwater from seeping under the door and getting into the garage. The seals should be replaced each year due to rubber degrading upon exposure to sunlight and heat. The garage door seals will not completely stop all water from getting into the structure during a heavy rain, but they do provide some protection.

Correct the Soil Grading

Correcting the soil grading around the garage helps direct water away from the structure. You can do this yourself, but it is labor-intensive. The correct slope for getting rain to drain away from the garage is 1 inch of decrease in elevation per 12 inches of distance away from the garage walls or door. You may also consider having French drains or trench drains installed around the perimeter of the garage.

Correcting the Slope

The best but most expensive solution to stop water from flowing into the garage is to fix the slope of the floor. This could be done by professionals who do concrete lifting. Hydraulic jacks can lift up the garage floor and inject more concrete or other substrates to correct the incline without damaging the garage walls or foundation.