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Which Lubricant to Use on a Garage Door

WD-40 is usually regarded as the fix-it miracle equal and opposite to duct tape. The list of uses could go on endlessly, but it shouldn’t be used in garage door maintenance in San Luis Obispo. Some like to use it for a lubricant, but others seem to use it as a solvent. According to WD-40’s website, they claim to be a bit of both a solvent and lubricant. Here’s why it’s not a good garage door lubricant in San Luis Obispo.

Avoid Ever Using WD-40 to Lubricate Your Garage Door

When you’re lubricating a garage door, WD-40 isn’t advised due to how it acts more as a cleaner and it actually removes lubrication. It’s recommended to use either a 40-weight ― non-detergent oil that can be found at any general auto parts store or a compound of 10W30 and wheel-bearing grease.

The reason these are recommended is that it needs to be thicker for it to stay in place. Even if the solvent attributes weren’t there in WD-40, it is too thin and wouldn’t stay in place in this kind of situation. You would see that it would have to be applied quite frequently. This can be aggravating and cause people not to want to do it at all.

Ways to Properly Lubricate a Garage Door

A noisy garage door, as opposed to a new garage in San Luis Obispo, can be grating on the nerves. When you obtain the right lubricant, the general rule is to put lubrication on each one of the moving pieces. This could include center bearings, end bearings, hinges, springs and rollers. These can all produce noise when the proper level of lubrication isn’t there. If your torsion springs are dry, do not put lubrication the last five coils on either end. When oil falls underneath the coils, springs can become loose and make it unwind. The door can fall if it’s open.