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Keep These Three Things Away From Your Garage Door

When properly cared for, a typical garage door lasts for 20 years or longer. However, coming into contact with certain items could decrease its lifespan. If any of these three categories of items makes contact with your garage door and causes damage, promptly contact an experienced San Luis Obispo garage service for assistance.


Sewage should never come into contact with the garage door. Contaminants in raw sewage could be corrosive to the door’s finish. The contaminants could also cause problems with the door’s safety laser eye and tracks. If a sewage backup or sewer overflow reaches your garage, have it professionally inspected.

Flammable Materials

All flammable materials should be kept away from your garage door. Perhaps you are working on your car, and some oil splashes onto the door. Maybe you are cleaning out some lawn care equipment that operates with gasoline. The propane for your gas grill or other equipment could splash onto the door. Extra caution must be taken in order to safely remove flammable materials from the door. It is also important to avoid using the door opener or igniting any flames until the flammable material has been cleaned.

Corrosive Liquids

Corrosive liquids should also be kept away from the garage door. If you use your garage as a hobby workstation, keep paint thinners, glues and other corrosive materials away from the door. Harsh chemical cleaning agents such as ammonia, bleach, peroxide, borax and lye should also be kept away from the door. A great deal of caution should be used when cleaning any of these substances off the door or floor around it. Mixing the wrong chemicals or adding water could result in a larger mess and more problems. It is best to consult with a garage door specialist first.