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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Garage Open at Night

All of us have left open our garage door at night. In our rush to get everything done, we forget this one important task. But leaving your garage door open at night can be quite the serious offense if you’re not careful. In this article, we’ll cover some of the reasons why you should always make sure that your garage door is closed when your family goes to bed at night.

Reason #1: Criminals

Don’t think that you can leave your garage door open during the day. Criminals stake out houses during the day. The vulnerability of your garage will determine whether or not they come back. When your garage door is open, criminals know what’s available to them. These include items as varied as your family vehicles, power tools, bikes, and motorcycles.

While your homeowner’s insurance may cover much of the loss, it won’t cover the majority of the replacement costs. Under most circumstances, you will only get fair value for the loss of your items.

Reason #2: Pests

You don’t just have criminals to worry about. You will also have to keep pests in mind. When you leave your garage door open, squirrels, raccoons, rodents, roaches, and other types of insects can enter your home. Once they come in, they can do a lot of damage. Once they do their damage, they will try to get back out by chewing a hole through your garage’s weatherstripping.

Reason #3: Weather

Even though you live in sunny California, the weather can still be fickle. When you leave your garage door open, rain and hail can come into your garage. When this happens, it becomes harder to maintain an ideal temperature in your home.

To ensure that your garage door is closed when you want it to be, you can call your local experts in San Luis Obispo garage service and get a garage monitor installed. Your local garage repair technicians will have a lot of garage door technology options available for you.