Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Precision Garage Door Helps You Compare Steel and Wood Designs

When it comes to new garage doors, you have quite a few options. Not only can you choose from designs such as tilting and overhead doors along with automatic and manual models, but the doors also use many different materials. While some homeowners in San Luis Obispo prefer wood composite or aluminum doors, most go with either steel or wood. Before you reach out to Precision Garage Door for help adding new doors, see how wood and steel compare.

Durable Nature

Unless you want to buy a new set of expensive doors later, you want to choose a pair that is durable today. Wood doors are susceptible to more types of damage than steel doors. The most common is weather damage. Rain, wind, and hail are just some of the conditions that can damage the doors. You may see cracks forming around some of the panels or see the wood swelling until it almost bursts. Wood doors can also develop dry rot, which causes them to break down faster. You can prevent some of this damage with a clear coat added to the surface.

Steel garage doors like those that Precision Garage Door installs are a little more durable. Manufacturers list the gauge of the metal, which tells shows you the thickness of each panel. A higher thickness means the door will last longer and stand up to more potential problems. Cheaper doors are thinner and often pick up surface scratches. When someone hits the door with anything heavy, it can dent or scratch it. Another benefit of steel is that it can stand up to most weather conditions.

Overall Look

Whether you’re tired of paying for a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo every few months or you just want to change up the style of your doors, always think about the look you want. Steel doors usually only come in a few styles that the manufacturer makes. You risk picking one that looks exactly like the doors on a garage down the street. Steel doors often have a coating that makes them look like a different material such as wood. Wood doors come in just as many styles but are also available as custom designs. You pick the wood stain or color you want along with the size and shape. Custom doors match what you want for your garage.

Installing Needs

Steel doors usually take less time to install than wood doors because they weigh so much less. It usually only takes two workers to lift the door, get it on the tracks, and finish all the other steps. Wood doors are much heavier and take more time to install, which means having more workers around your home. Keep in mind that the cost varies between manual and automatic doors, too. Wood doors are so heavy that you usually only want to use them with an automatic opener, which adds to your total price. Steel doors are lightweight and easy to lift. While you don’t need to use them with an opener, you can opt for one.


Even if you have Precision Garage Door inspect your doors and make repairs as needed, you may still need to do some maintenance yourself. Steel doors often need less maintenance, especially if you select a pair with a topcoat. This topcoat adds more protection to the metal and keeps it from rusting. Wood doors require more maintenance because the paint or stain applied to the surface can fade from sun or water exposure. Excessive rain may even cause the wood to swell, which makes opening the door hard. There’s also a risk of termites attacking wood doors.

Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Doors

One of the biggest pros of picking wood garage doors is that they add a lot of value to your home. The doors come in so many styles and colors that you’ll have no issue finding ones that fit the style you love. They amp up your curb appeal, which can also help if you decide to sell your home. On the other hand, wood garage doors need a lot of routine maintenance and usually cost more, too. They do not offer as much insulation as you might need either, which causes your garage to feel cold.

An alternative to wood doors is wood composite doors. They do not require as much maintenance as standard wood does and are less susceptible to termite damage. Wood composite doors are usually resistant to rot and weather hazards, too. You can even choose from different stains that make the doors look like redwoods or another type of wood.

Pros and Cons of Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are one of the more popular options available from Precision Garage Door. They offer a lot of insulation once installed, which keeps your garage warmer and more comfortable. Many homeowners find that they are easier to operate and that they run quieter, too. Other pros include the low price of these doors, that they require less maintenance, and you can add a coating that is resistant to rust. The biggest con of steel garage doors is that they are more prone to damage, especially dents. When a child hits a ball against the door or you back out too quickly, you can damage the doors. Choosing a higher gauge reduces the risk of damage.

How to Pick the Best Doors With Precision Garage Door

Choosing between wood and steel doors is easy when you work with the right professionals. Precision Garage Door offers a garage door designer that lets you go through all your options. You can even add some details about your home to see how the new doors will look. This tool also lets you compare colors, window and handle options, and panel designs. Even if you think you just need a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo, using this tool helps you see the benefits of choosing new doors.

Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors: Which is Best?

The best garage doors for you depend on how much you want to spend, the maintenance you can handle, and how much time you want workers to spend installing them. Precision Garage Door can help you decide based on your needs. Both wood and steel garage doors look great and will last for years.