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How Your Garage Door Can Enhance Your Home’s Security

Would you leave your front door open and unlocked when you are not home? Well, an unsecured garage door does essentially just that. An unsecured garage door is a welcome mat with a large Neon Arrow pointing at it and urging burglars to come on in. Follow some easy and general tips to help secure your garage door, and ultimately, help secure your home.

Adding Locks

Just like you take precautions to secure the front door to your home, you should take precautions to make sure that your garage door is as equally secure. If not already installed, adding a smart lock or digital door lock can help boost that garage entrance’s security. Really, just simply adding a regular deadlock on the inside of the garage door itself can be a simple but highly effective way to add security to the garage.

Shielding Your Emergency Release

Unfortunately, as good as the Internet is for finding a wealth of information, those who choose to use it for wrongdoing also have access to a lot of info. One popular web video for thieves shows how to manipulate a garage’s emergency release as a way to gain entrance into the home. Protect against this Internet theft training video by shielding your emergency release and thwart this potentially easy way to violate your home’s sanctity and security.

Enhancing Your Security Perimeter

Putting extra eyes on your home, as well as lighting it up can also enhance the security perimeter of your home. Using a monitored security system is like putting an extra pair of eyes and ears on your home 24/7. Additionally, a well-lit property, particularly around the garage entrance, is a very effective deterrent to thieves looking for any home to target for robbery.

Your home will only be as safe as you make it and you can make it even safer with a few small steps that will yield big security dividends. For all your garage installation, repair and even security tie-in needs, contact a San Luis Obispo garage service.