commercial garage door san luis obispo

Commercial garage doors are part of your business as well as your building, which is why choosing the right door is so important. Durability, functionality, appearance and being able to handle the flow of business, as well as proper installation and maintenance are commercial garage door options to consider.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Metal doors are durable, low maintenance, and very functional. They add a level of security to your business and are commonly seen on fire stations, municipal buildings and warehouses in the traditional panel style. Metal doors are often less expensive than other commercial door types and are versatile enough to allow customization that matches the look of your business.

Roll up doors have stainless steel mesh and aluminum frames, and some are fire-rated to stop flames and smoke from spreading if there is a fire. That is a level of protection any business owner can appreciate. Commonly seen in warehouses, condominiums and storage facilities, roll up garage doors are extremely durable and simple to operate. They can be more expensive than some other commercial garage doors. They can also be a challenge to install, which is why anyone choosing roll up doors needs to hire an experienced and competent professional installer.

Full-view garage doors are contemporary, modern and stylish, and they are designed to show off a business, which is why they are so popular with automobile dealerships, service stations and other businesses looking for higher visibility. In addition to looking good and allowing in large amounts of natural light, these mostly glass doors are very durable. Buyers can easily customize the color and glass to suit their tastes.

Professional Help

Whatever style of garage door suits your business needs, it is important to have professionals available for proper installation and maintenance. A garage door’s condition and operation is affected by hot and cold weather, direct sunlight and other factors, including wear and tear. So, when problems come up, a professional can evaluate it and determine the best solution. By having an experienced and certified professional on board, you can get the most life out of the commercial garage door you have chosen for your business.