Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Important Considerations for Selecting a Garage Door

Whether building a new garage or merely wanting to replace an existing garage door, there are a number of factors to take into consideration before making a final decision. Garage sizes and styles are as unique as property owners. So, when shopping for a new garage door, garage door installation companies must have all of the necessary details in order to ensure the client receives satisfactory service. The many characteristics must include the precise size, color, construction material, style and price range. The overall design and style of the house and garage must be taken into consideration to ensure the door enhances the structures.

Basic Construction

Garage doors are manufactured using a variety of materials. Aluminum doors are preferred in humid climates, as they resist rust. Aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl doors are also lighter in weight. Frosted glass panels can also be added for a customized look. Steel doors are available in single, double or triple layers with insulation in between. The metal doors are also available in many different colors. Wooden garage doors are usually made using cedar, cypress or redwood, which all stand up against moisture. However, wood doors typically require more maintenance in terms of painting or staining. If desiring a wood look, composite doors are an ideal option.

Safety Factors

Regions susceptible to high winds or the possibility of hurricanes or tornadoes need garage doors capable of withstanding the potential problem. In this case, the doors may require heavy-duty tracks and bracing to ensure endurance. If planning on using an automatic door opener, you want to make sure that the device includes safety sensors that reverse the door in the event that something or someone is in the way of closure.

Garage as a Living Area or Workshop

Garages are often used as an extension of a living space or used as a workshop. Many feature playrooms, hobby shops, laundry rooms or serve another purpose. If garage space is going to have multiple functions, owners need to choose a garage door with sufficient insulation and weather sealant to make the space useful year long. Insulation ratings or R-values span from 3 to 10. Sealant between the panels and a bottom or threshold seal keep cold drafts or extreme heat at bay.