Learn about the three ways that different types of weatherstripping can be attached to your garage door. The weatherstripping helps to protect your door, its opener and all of the items that are stored inside of your garage.

Three Ways to Attach Weatherstripping to Your Garage Door

Weatherstripping is a durable material that helps make a seal between a door and the outdoor environment. On your garage door, the weatherstripping serves multiple functions. It helps to prevent thermal exchange between the indoors and outdoors, it protects against moisture and dust intrusion and it reduces impacts on the garage door. A San Luis Obispo garage service may use one of these three installation techniques to put weatherstripping on your garage door.

Adhesive Strips

Many types of weatherstripping have adhesive strips attached to one side of the material. The adhesive is covered with a peel-away tape. The technician removes the tape and presses the weatherstripping onto the bottom and sides of the garage door. The adhesive can become dirty and lose its stickiness. Extreme heat and cold temperatures may also degrade the adhesive materials.


Brackets are an ideal way to attach weatherstripping to a wooden garage door. The brackets use screws or nuts and bolts to fasten the rubber weatherstripping to the bottom, sides and tops of the garage door. Using brackets is ideal for garage doors that get a lot of use or when thick weatherstripping is needed, such as in extremely hot or cold environments or when the garage is not heated or air conditioned.

Magnetic Fasteners

Magnetic weatherstripping is quick and simple to install. It makes use of multiple small magnets that attach the strips of material to the bottom and sides of the door. The magnets work on doorframes that are made of steel or aluminum. This type of fastening system will not work on a wooden garage door. The magnets can be moved around as needed. Hot and cold temperatures will not affect the performance of the magnets. Humidity may cause corrosion, requiring that the magnets be replaced every couple of years.