Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis ObispoWhy You Should Avoid Garage Doors with a Pet Door

If your garage door leads directly to the front or backyard of your home, you might want to add a pet door. However, while this seems like a good idea to allow your dog or cat the freedom to roam around the confines of your outdoor property, it’s both dangerous and unwise. It’s important to know the risks before you add one.

Risks to Your Pet

A pet door added to your garage door can pose a huge risk to pet safety. Animals are creatures of habit, so if your dog or cat were to become accustomed to a small door that’s meant strictly for them, they will regularly move toward it to come and go as they please. However, this can lead to dangerous situations. If someone on the other side of the garage door doesn’t know they’re there, they may open the door and your dog or cat can suffer serious injuries or even death.

Another thing that can happen is your pet is in range of the garage door while it’s being closed. An animal might not know to move out of the way and tragedy can occur. It’s simply not worth risking your pet’s life.

Risks to Your Home

In addition to risks to your pet, there are also home risks with a pet door added to your garage door. These doors are usually the least secure of all in a home. Depending on the size of the opening, an intruder might be able to squeeze through it and gain access to your home. However, even if they can’t get in, they may be able to steal items within reach of the door. This can happen even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood as thieves often target nice areas. An intruder can also damage the mechanism, which would require San Luis Obispo garage service to fix.

Of course, another issue you could face is a wild animal gaining access to your home. This could lead to a variety of additional problems, including a risk to the health of your family, including and especially your pet.

Don’t put your pet or home at risk. Take your pet outdoors via your main door to be safe.