How to Keep Rust Off a New Garage Door


Garage doors are prone to developing rust spots, which will adversely affect its operation. There are some ways that you can prevent this from occurring.

Easy Ways to Keep Rust Off a Garage Door

When rust generates on a garage door, the metal’s entire structure will weaken. If you want a fully functional, highly efficient garage door, you can keep it in good condition by following a few steps.

Pick Proper Hardware

If possible, invest in garage door components that are made out of galvanized material. You can gather information about galvanized supplies before building a new garage in San Luis Obispo by contacting a reputable technician. These parts won’t rust because they’re coating with zinc during the manufacturing process. The coating doesn’t fade away since all galvanized products are dropped into molten zinc at the end of the production phase.

Use Reliable Paint

All metal garage door components should be covered with a commercial-grade paint that has protective properties. If a door has steel panels, you’ll need to apply a latex-based paint. While painting, ensure that both sides of the door and all the edges of every panel are covered. Once the paint is dry, carefully inspect the finish on a regular basis because you’ll need to apply a new coat of paint once a year.

Before repainting a garage door, all the old, damaged paint must be removed. Since the surfaces won’t be in mint condition after the paint is removed, you may have to avoid cracks and air bubbles while applying the new coat.

Reduce Friction

Friction can remove the protective coating that blocks corrosion, but you can prevent excessive wear and tear by using a lubricate. After an oil is applied to the moving components, the surfaces won’t scratch easily.

Protect Your House With a New Garage Door


A Weather-resistant Garage Door Is Worth Installing

All garage doors have a specific rating that determines how well the material can handle high wind speeds. If your house is located in a neighborhood where heavy rainstorm commonly occur, a durable, commercial-grade door can protect your garage and all of your investments.

The Wind Load Matters

According to experts, more than 80 percent of the damage that occurs following an intense weather event happens around a garage door. In order to prevent structural damage, a garage door must stay intact because it’s a vital component that supports the roof.

By installing a door that’s wind resistance, you won’t have to worry about strong currents that could possibly destroy your garage. If you don’t know how to install the equipment, a reputable garage door installation technician can help.

Extreme Weather Considerations

Hurricanes produce extremely high winds that can propel objects. If these projectiles hit a garage door, the aluminum material will bend, crack, or warp. To keep your home fully protected throughout these weather events, you’ll need a door that’s impact resistant. Impact-resistant doors won’t damage if a heavy object smashes the foundation because the framework is sturdy and strong.

Considerations for Average Weather

In a typical neighborhood, minor and major thunderstorm can impact certain areas occasionally. When these storms reach a community, they sometimes produce enough wind that could harm a garage door. If your door isn’t wind-proof, the currents from a thunderstorm could cause energy-efficiency problems by cracking the aluminum component. Once enough gaps have generated, air will constantly leak out of the garage.

Noisy Garage Door – Before and After Video

A noisy garage door may indicate that something is wrong with it. At Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA, we can fix your loud garage door quickly and correctly. Our technicians drive fully-stocked trucks and have experience working on garage doors from all manufacturers. Watch our video to hear the before and after of a noisy garage door we repaired.

Keep Rodents Away by Replacing or Repairing a Garage Door

Garage doors are structures that offer many benefits, including preventing rodents from entering your home.

A Mouse Can Squeeze Through a Damaged Garage Door

Following a garage door accident, professional maintenance services may be needed if the aluminum material is bent, warped, or cracked. Mice can cause big problems because they can easily access narrow spaces in rural areas.

How a Mouse Accesses a Garage

A mouse is an animal that knows how to burrow, so the process of squeezing into confined spaces is never a hassle. Many people think that a mouse can’t crawl through narrow opening near typical garage door components. However, since the rodent has strong legs and no collar bones, it can easily move around the most complex garage door components.

A New Garage Door is a Beneficial Investment

If electronic equipment is located in your garage, a new door can help you avoid costly electrical issues that are caused by rodents. After a mouse accesses a garage, it roams the area in order to find something to chew on. In a modern home, all the wiring runs in the wall, which is an ideal nesting ground for a mouse. By replacing your damaged door with a new one, you won’t have to constantly hire an electrician each time a rodent destroys important wiring.

Repair is Also an Option

Depending on the situation, a skilled technician may be able to keep rodents out of your garage by repairing key components. For example, if mice are running into your home because the door won’t completely close, a San Luis Obispo garage service technician can try to resolve the problem by fixing the safety sensors, gears, or tracks.

What Your Garage Door Shouldn’t Do


This article will discuss three movements that your garage door shouldn’t make. If your garage door is making any of these three movements, you should immediately call a professional.

The Wrong Move: 3 Movements Your Garage Door Shouldn’t Make

Everything is great when your garage doors are working as they should. But how do you know if they are operating like they’re supposed to do? This blog post will reveal the 3 movements that your garage door should never make. If you find that your doors are making these movements, call the professionals for immediate door repair.


When your garage door is operating, it should always run smoothly. The operation should run smoothly as it’s going up and down. However, sometimes your garage door may jump, skip, sway or shudder as it’s operating. This spells trouble in garage door maintenance paradise. If you find that your garage door is running in any strange way, call us for garage door repair in San Luis Obispo.


A garage door that rattles is always a bad sign. If you or a member of your household notices that your garage door is whining, squealing, groaning and squeaking, call the garage door repair professionals. You can call the pros and tell them what’s going on with your garage door. The garage door company will then diagnose the issue over the phone.

Garage door repair professionals are experienced and knowledgeable, so you should always let them take the reins when it comes to repairing your garage door. Our repair technicians collectively have over a dozen years of experience, so you should leave the garage door repair work to us.


While your garage door should roll on its tracks most of the time, this isn’t always true. There is definitely a time and place for your garage door to roll. For example, if your garage door is running its manual mode, the door should continue to roll upwards or stay open in its current position. It should never roll back down on its own.

If your garage door is not rolling like it’s supposed to do, call us for garage door repair services. Before you know it, your garage door will stop its shaking, rattling and rolling.

What to Keep in Mind When You Are Installing a New Garage


Building a new or replacement garage on your home in San Luis Obispo, California, gives you the opportunity to customize it and make it into exactly what you need. When designing the new garage, keep these considerations for its design and use in mind.

Keep These Three Things in Mind When Building a Garage

When you are considering building a new garage in San Luis Obispo, you might not be sure of where to start. Looking at other homes in the neighborhood can give you an idea of what is typical and popular. The building code department can also inform you and your builders of what is required and allowed under the code. You should also keep these three things in mind when building or updating your garage.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when renovating or building a garage. One key area of efficiency is the garage door. Make sure to choose a garage door that is well insulated. The insulation will help to reduce thermal exchange with the outdoors. The insulation also helps to reduce noise and can help to make your door more resistant to the weather.


Safety is another important factor when updating your old garage or replacing it. Today’s building materials offer key safety features such as a reduction in volatile organic chemicals in their paints and finishes. You may also wish to include some safety features such as sensors that automatically reverse the garage door so that the door does not close onto your family pet or a piece of equipment that has been left in the way.


The garage is a place where you store your automobile, lawn equipment, bicycles, tools and many other valuable items. In order to protect your belongings, it is important to include some security features into the design and functioning of your garage. Consider a steel garage door that is installed so that it cannot be opened from the outside. The people door for your garage should also be secure. Make sure that it is installed with a deadbolt lock to prevent burglars from entering.

How to Know When to Have a New Garage Door Installed


Learn about the best time to have a new garage door installed onto your home. The timing of your garage door installation may be impacted by the need for a replacement or by the season of the year.

The Best Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

Knowing when to schedule a garage door installation can be a challenge. If you wait too long, you face the potential of having your existing garage door completely break down. If you have the door replaced in a hurry, you might not have enough time to choose the best door for your needs. These tips will help you know when the best time to replace your garage door is so that you can do some research and make an informed decision.


Autumn is a great time of the year to replace your garage door. The weather is usually mild and dry, which means that you will not run the risk of having rain or wind coming into your home while the replacement door is being installed. Getting the new garage door installed during the autumn season also helps to ensure that your home will be prepared for the rougher winter weather.


If you are thinking of selling your house, spring is the most popular season for the real estate market. Installation of a replacement garage door adds beauty and value to your home. The new garage door will be noticed by prospective buyers and will help them to understand that you have cared for the home well and replaced things as needed.

When There Is a Problem

In some cases, the replacement of a garage door cannot wait. At the first sign of a problem, it is important to have the garage door repaired or replaced so that no further damage can take place. If possible, have the installation done on a dry, mild day. This helps to ensure that any adhesives are able to form a strong bond. Mild weather also helps to ensure that the metal tracks do not expand or contract too much during the installation process.

Experts in Garage Door Repair – Video

At Precision Door Service, we are the experts in garage doors. From broken springs to damaged rollers, our friendly and trained technicians can address any type of garage door problem. We can get your garage door back on track in no time. We even offer emergency 24/7 service. When you need expert garage door repair services, contact Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA. With our 24-hour, same-day service and no extra charge for nights and weekends, your garage door repair problems won’t interfere with your everyday schedule.

What to Do If Your Home’s Garage Door Goes Up and Down By Itself


Learn about the reasons why a garage door may open and close by itself and what the repair technician can do in order to fix the problem.

Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Is Malfunctioning

Nearly all garage doors have an opener and a remote control that allows the door to open and close with just the push of a button. If the door is opening or closing by itself, this suggests that there is a mechanical or electrical problem with the opener equipment. You can check a few things yourself, but it is always a good idea to contact a local San Luis Obispo garage service to make sure that the door is operating safely.

Faulty Sensor

Garage door openers have a laser sensor that helps to control the operation of the door. If the sensor is blocked or not working, the garage door will not open or close correctly. The sensor could be dirty or obstructed by an insect, dust or leaves. The sensor may also need a new battery.

Broken Springs

The extension springs that lift the door up and down along the tracks may also be a reason why the door is not opening or closing properly. If the door seems to slide back down after it opens partway, this suggests that the springs are worn or rusted. The springs could also have improper tension. A garage door repair technician can replace the springs to restore full functioning to the garage door.

Obstructed Tracks

An obstruction in the garage door opener’s tracks may also cause the door to slide up and down when you do not want it to. Even something as small as a cicada or a dust bunny could be enough to prevent the door from opening and closing the way it should. The tracks can be checked for obstructions and cleaned by the repair technician. If the tracks are showing signs of rust or unusual wear, they may need to be replaced. A repair or replacement of the garage door’s tracks should stop the unwanted sliding of the door.